JKDS Solutions Inc.
JKDS Solutions Inc.

Specialized Decontamination

-High level Air and Surface Decontamination services offered for Healthcare, Schools, Food Processing, Logistics, Homes, etc. We institute *The Aquaox™ Cleaning & Sanitizing (CSS) program, a comprehensive systematic approach for implementing more effective, efficient, healthier and environmentally friendlier cleaning and sanitizing strategies without adding unwanted substances to the environment or otherwise causing harm to guests, employees or staff.

ODOR Removal

-Electrostatic Foggers, combined with surface decontamination eliminates all odor issues in your home, business, or facility. Most commonly used after contamination by fire, moisture, death(human or animal), animal waste, smoking, etc. This process is safe for humans, pets, electronics, fabrics, HVAC systems, etc. Process is Bleach Free.

Mold Surface Testing & Elimination

-Mold Surface testing is done with high level FDA approved swab testing devices. In just a few seconds we are able to identify contaminated surfaces. Commonly used before and after the work done by mold remediation companies, often times they do not leave the environment completely free of mold spores throughout the entire facility. Mold Elimination services available. Call sales to schedule a consultation. 

Viral/Bacterial Outbreak Control

-Before, during or after a sickness outbreak in your home, office, facility, or school our process is equipped to eliminate the contaminates and pathogens that cause these problems. Our Hospital Tested and Approved products and processes are applied by a Certified Tech. to ensure all air and surfaces are properly Disinfected. Before and After Swab testing results are offered to all customers.


-Agriculture of all kinds can often be effected by issues caused by Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Spores, Fungi, Algae, etc. From drinking water related illness, tree fungus, waste contamination, etc. we work for you to solve the problem. All products are safe for animals, crops, wastewater, etc. 

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